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Need a little help with an M2

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Hello all, I need some help finding an accurate 20ga sabot slug for an M2. I recently purchased one for my wife as she is now my hunting partner :D, but we're having trouble finding a round that groups well at 50yds and beyound.


To date, we have tried Winchester dual bond, Hornady, and Lightfields. The best of the bunch so far has been the Lightfields, with the Winchester second. The Hornady keyholed so bad I'll never buy them again. My pet load for my slug gun (Browning man myself) has always been the Winchester partition gold, but after the results we've had with the dual bond, I'm not sure how they'll do in the M2.


I know result will very, and we'll have to shoot sveral brand and boxes to find the right round, but so far we've ran through roughly 60 rounds with poor results. I would like to know what some of you have had luck with. :confused:

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Is the M2 fitted with a slug (rifled) barrel? I didn't see where you mentioned that. You mentioned the key-holing and the winchester dual bonds that I have seen were sabot slugs so I thought I would just cover all the bases.


Anyway I have shot a few slugs from my M2 (12 ga) and got decent performance from Remington's Buckhammer slugs. I have a smooth barrel and a rifled choke tube.

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Sorry I didn't mention that, but yes it has a rifled barrel. I read on another forum that the 1-28 twist rate needs a faster round, the Dual Bond's are running at a claimed 1800fps, how much faster does one need! LOL :eek: At this point I am not sure that is the issue, as the lightfiel rounds were only running at 1500fps. I also read that the Remington accutip's were doing well in the M2, so we are going to give them a run, along with some Partion Gold. Both are shooting at a claimed 1800-1900fps.


I am thinking that possibly a slower moving round might work best in the M2, somthing like the Platinum tip, or the Federal Power shock. We are also going to continue with more Lightfields just to compair. I told the wife we weren't moving anything! Just going to shoot 5 rounds each at different targets to get an idea of paterning. I don't know what else to do. We are both pretty good shots, and are shooting for a solid rest with sand bags. I am baffeled! :(

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