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Has Anyone Tried This Fiberoptic Sight for an M4?

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Weird, hadn't seen that sight before until yesterday....... I just checked out a friend's M2 yesterday with it at the range. It was a very bright sunny day in TX, and that sight was definitely bright and easy to pick up. Much better than the stock dot. Thumbs-up IMO.

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I ordered mine from Amazon.


Red fiber optic is very little compared to a lot of other gun sights. I talked to Scott Warren a while back about making one for Benelli SGs and he was not interested. Said that there was already enough FO sights for shotguns on the market, to which I replied, there's not that many for Benelli M4s.


The sight also sets VERY high in the front base. When I went to sight it in for slugs @ 50 yards, I had to raise the rear ghost ring ~ 40 clicks! The only time you'll notice the FO dot is when you're really taking the time to aim at say a slug target. Also, it sets so high in the base that it is actually a little higher than the ears on the front sight which concerned me about a possible snagging problem.


I do plan to leave it on for at least the rest of this summers shooting events, but I have very seriously considered putting the stock sight back on.

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