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Why was the buds gunshop thread pulled?

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I was in the middle of reading the thread titled something like "anyone buy from budsgunshop.com" and suddenly it disappeared? I purchased an M4S90 from there a couple months ago and I'm trying to make sure I didn't have any extra charges. Can somebody tell me what charges showed up on your account? Was it an extra charge to "buds gun shop" or some other company/name?

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The mods can do whatever they want. I found my answers shortly after starting this thread. What's going on right now is just some friendly harmless banter between members! Just having a little fun. :) I think the mods will see it for what it is.

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Isn't that something you should have done a couple of months ago?


Who are you? My mother?




Back OT: I bought from Bud's recently. They did a hold funds on my card while awaiting my money order. The day before they shipped, they contacted me to confirm that they had my ffl's info and money. If you bought with a credit card, contact your cc for a copy of your statement (should be easy to spot a double charge.

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