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Turkey hunting in wind

Guest lynndhyatt

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I've never had much success with windy days. Any advice to improve my chances? Thanks in advance


Much depends on where you hunt when it comes to wind.


Prairie & mountain turkeys will often strut and act normal even in high winds. You need a good pair of binocs, and get ready to crawl into possible shooting locations. Look for the calm sides of wind breaks (duh), and try to get into those breaks. It will be calm in there, and normal calling can work fine. Watch for the whole group to work, as they can stick together in the wind for the protection many sets of eyes offer. I killed a nice tom in Nebraska in 25 mph winds by getting into his wind break, and calling the entire flock into range.


High wind in the dense woods? Not impossible, but pretty close to impossible. They will often walk out looking for open areas, which actually offer more protection from predators in the wind. Maybe set up in travel routes? Good luck, they are usually moving fast, and not very workable in this situation.



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My grandaddy use to say, everyone hates hunting in the wind. You can't hear ****, but more importantly they can't hear you! They will move into sheltered spots, that we can sneak into and of course we won't hear them coming, just stay alert.


Use the wind's roar to shield your approach and remember certainly loads of fun better than sleeping next too a cold turkey. :)

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