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Benelli Supersport - Finish peeling off, is this normal?

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I have owned a Benelli Super Sport for about 2 years now and notice that the satin finish on the rails where the bolt slides back and forth is starting to peel off. I am just wondering if this is normal wear and tear and a flaw in production. Other Super Sport owners, can you check if yours is doing the same?



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The receiver is aluminum and I'm not sure of the coating process but I would think it to be normal for that to happen at some point, especially on the rails. I have a SS that has about the same round count but no finish coming off. What do you use to clean/lube with? Sometimes different products can have an adverse effect different finishes.

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Mine has not as of yet, but I only have about 2000 rounds thru it. I would say it is pretty normal. Anytime you have parts sliding(fricition) across one another overtime something has to give. Just as long as it doesn't come off the outside.

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You said you've owned the gun for about 2 years...did you buy it new ,and if so, you should have a warranty claim. If the finish is peeling rather than wearing off through use, I'd think it would be covered by the Benelli warranty.


Contact Benelli customer service, they'll be the ones to talk to...and be specific. Good luck.

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