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A American M-4

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I can tell you that while it's a direct copy of the M4 gas system, it's no M4. All the Versa Max's I have see I have put right back on the shelf. They are heavy and don't have anywhere near the fit and finish of a Benelli. Also, the actions are rough out of the box and while that may not affect function, it sure doesn't inspire confidence after spending what they want for them. A field version is only a couple hundred away from a nice Benelli and If I'm going to pay that much for a shotgun, I'd take the Benelli over e Remington any day. I have read lots of articles linked from Shotgunworld and most have been less than stellar. There are a couple where the reviewers basically came to the conclusion that the multiple gas port thing is just a gimmick.

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Are they saying that about the Benelli M4?


I guess I should clarify. The two reviews I read said that the multiple gas ports for the different size shells was a gimmick. Benelli's M4 seems to be able to shoot a multitude of 2 3/4" and 3" shells with only 2 gas ports.

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