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M4 Magazine Plug (post 1 of 2)


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I found myself in need of a magazine plug for my m4 with Kip's FL mag (hunting migratory birds, mag must be limited to 2 rounds).

I searched the internet, and even ordered one of those Butler Creek

plugs, but it seems nothing out there is long enough (12 inches).

In the end, I made my own, and thought I'd share the process in case there are others who are interested.



1) Brass tube, 13/32" (10.32mm) OD with 3/8" (9.53mm) ID by 12in.

2) Tree nut, metric thread, 9.60mm OD with 22.2mm diameter cap.

3) Wood dowel (screw type), 3/8" OD.





1) Polish tube with metal polish for aesthetics.




2) Insert tree nut and hammer flush (interference fit).




3) Insert dowel and hammer in to tube to desired length.





Finished product:




To fit plug, simply remove the magazine cap and insert through

hole in mag spring retention clip and reinstall magazine cap.

The OD of the tree-nut is about 0.8mm smaller than the ID of the magazine tube. The pressure of the magazine cap centers the plug

and keeps it snug in the tube (rattle-free). No tools required for

installation/ removal.


See following thread for pics of installation (can't seem to post more than 5 pix per thread.)

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As stated in the post (part 2 of 2), I wanted a plug that can be removed and installed *without* any tools

(e.g. c-clip pliers to remove/ install the mag spring retainer). Neither Benelli nor anyone else sells anything like that.

As for m4 specific limiters on the market, it isn't so clear to me that there is one, though apparently this would work:




See post 2 or 2 for another option. Again, nothing on the market that doesn't require removing the mag spring retainer.


Also: cost to make my plug: $4.19. Less than half the cost of anything out there that might work.


So yes, lol indeed.

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It's called complying with the law. The fines and penalties associated with taking game with an illegal device

greatly outweigh whatever benefit you seem to imply would be associated with not plugging the magazine. I use my m4 for a lot of different things, so it it's important to me that it be as versatile as my interests.

So what is it you wanted to say, exactly?

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I had a BIL that would always use a pencil and he would cut it to where it only allowed the proper amount of shells, Arkansas Game and Fish checked it countless times and just laughed every time they checked it but it did what it was supposed to. This was not on a Benelli but as mentioned, big fine if caught with shotgun without limiter!

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