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Which shells to break in Super Vinci?


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I just picked up a new Super Vinci, and apparently I wasn't one of the lucky people who got a gun that can cycle target loads out of the box. The manual suggests shooting a few boxes of "standard" hunting loads to break it in. Does anyone know what kind of loads they mean?

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Very important to clean and lube shotgun prior to brake in, i was told to shoot 3 boxes of the most powerful ammo i ever planned on shooting thru my SBEII and it will cycle anything your feed it now as long as it's not the cheap made crap that has poor quality brass on the bottoms! Manual is a great read and explains what ammo to use as a minimum! What did you buy the gun to hunt for? Clays do not require hunting loads and you bought a hunting shotgun so throw some duck, geese or buck shot thru it! Do at least 30 rounds!

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