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Want to buy a benelli but scared

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Before I start, I realize their are a few people here that will say "go home and play with your dolls". I never listen to those types.


All shotguns are simple machines. Some are made better than others. Some are made with stamped parts and some with machined parts. I have owned and still own, many Remingtons, Brownings, Benelli's, a fine double barrel from the old East Germany and even a Mossberg 590.


First off, if you already think a machine is going to disappoint you, electric drill, power saw, fancy car or a certain shotgun, I guarentee you it will. You will find some minor flaw or burb, that will incite you to a new religious level on why you should have never purchased that machine in the first place.


Second. All machines have problems and occasionally don't work as advertised or the way you dreamed it would. Where I work, when a new person can't get a machine to work correctly, we all shout "operator error!!", because 9 out of 10 times, that's the real problem.


Lastly, since shotguns are machines, you should be asking yourself, which one works most of the time, as advertised, under all conditions. Remember, no machine works 100%, not even the ones called men.


As for myself, if we were allowed to own only one shotgun, and based on the realization that no machine is perfect and that this one shotgun may have to save my life someday.... I would pick my Benelli hands down. Actually a H+K Super 90 M1.


Love Remingtons,

Adore my Brownings,

Rely on my Benelli's tongue.gif



Retired Federal Law Enforcement Officer

Cape Cod

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Well here is my two cents I agree with Tucker. If you are going to buy a pump go with a 870. To me it is the Benelli autos that are worth the extra $$$ because you can feed just about any ammo threw them and not have a problem. For the most part a pump is going to work if you can rack the action.

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