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type of choke for slug shots?


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I Just ordered my benelli but have previously shot remington 870's and 1187's, ithacas and what not ( too many to list) but never a 912 ( made by franchi right?) but in all the other shotguns i have shot there all smoothbore barrels, so find out if you have a smoothbore barrel or rifled first, then if you have a smoothbore you should get rifled slugs and for shooting them i have always used an Improved Cylinder choke. Hope this helped maybe get another opinion on it as well just to be sure!

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in a smooth bore barrel I don't use any choke for slugs (rifled slugs) and the accuracy is more dependent on my own ability to shoot that is the shotgun. With a zero magnification red dot I hit between 8"-10" MOA @ 100yards. I'd say thats pretty good.


I don't know if a choke would help a slug or not. I really don't see how it would help because chokes are made to keep multiple projectiles into a tighter group (slug is a single projectile) ...I don't see how a choke would help?


On the other hand I've never used a choke on a slug (I feel Im accurate enough without it) ...so maybe it would help?

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