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3in or 3 1/2 in?


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Hevishot, Federal heavyweight are a few to name. There are more non-toxic loads out there than that. No need to school you.. Unless you need help with google.



OK. I always stayed with Black Cloud Steel. They do sell Hevishot and Federal Heavyweight here in Canada. I never paid attention to those as I have always been pleased with my BC. I also assumed those were steel also and thought they were just names they used. So I guess I will have to get to google and learn.

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It all comes down to choke selection for me. I run a Patternmaster strictly for geese because I'm not trying to tenderize my ducks with steel shot.. My 870 Supermag is fitted with my Patternmaster choke and is chambered for 3.5 so I'm going to take full advantage of it. The Franchi is my duck killer.


They call me "Two Gun Costa" but it's well worth it in my opinion ;)

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IMO it's best to go ahead and get a gun that with the 3 1/2" chamber. There's nothing saying that you HAVE to shoot them just because you can. Late season goose is about the only time I hear much about people shooting the 3 1/2" shells, and that's just from the ones not able to get them called in close. I've got a couple of buddies that have shotguns with the 3 1/2" chambers that due the price of the loads have never shot them at all but do have a box around in case they come into that situation where they just can't get the darn birds to listen.

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