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Finally My M1 super 90

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Hey guys. Kinda excited on my first Benelli! Been wanting another shotgun so i can hunt with my son cause im giving him my 20g pump. My buddy has an M1 super 90 that he rarely uses and is selling it to me for 550$. Its 28" barrel and camo. A couple of days ago he said he had something for me and ran by the house and dropped of the case that came with the shotgun. Very nice Benelli case with owners manuals all chokes in their containers, wrench, and oil. Im hoping I got a good deal. I shot the gun at the range and fired 50 rounds through it with no problems ejecting shell every time even though they were 2 3/4 inch and i could only put 1 shell in at a time. The gun looks emaculate. Anyway. I posted awhile back on this but now everything is confirmed and i got the case so looking for any feed back. Will mostly use it for upland bird and waterfowl. This is my first semi auto and any hints, tips, or info on the super 90 will be appreciated, including bad with the good..lol. Thanks guys. Have a great day!

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The range where we were at required 1 shell at a time for safety..lol. Hopefully it will work well in the colorado weather with goose and duck hunting. Thanks again!


good luck with the gun i love benellis get some nice 3 inch shells for them fat birds

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What do you guys recommend for the geese and duck with that particular gun as far as ammo goes with 3 inch? This is my first semi auto and we moved here from Louisiana so I havnt done any goose hunting. Thanks guys.



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Cool. Got me some 3 inch BB shot winchesters yesterday! I was able to check out other stuff on the gun like the plug size and all as well. I read somewhere about ghost loading and this that and the other. All I can put is 2 shells below and one in the chamber. So im good. CAnt wait to go out and get some birds. Im new to colorado goose hunting so I have to figure out where to go and how to do it. Think Ill look into the walk in land and do some research and scouting places out.

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