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M2 Mag Tube?

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I’ve got a M2 20ga that I use mostly for turkey hunting back up to my 12ga and a little crow hunting. I bought her new 3/09 and would say she’s has probably at least 500 (not much I know) rounds through her. I had it out the other day crow hunting and noticed a minor issue I’ve experienced a few times while turkey hunting in the past is now getting to be a pain in the rear all the time.


Trying to loading either 2¾” or 3” shells intro the mag tube is getting tough to do. I’ve had her apart and cleaned the spring, black aluminium follower/spring cap, inside of the mag tube and even lubed the follower/cap with a little Rem Oil but I’m still having the same issues. It’s really tough to feed shells.


Does anyone have any suggestions or heard of this issue with other 20ga M2’s? Thanks for any help on this :D


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Check the ammo to make sure it slides freely inside the mag tube. Some ammo has a larger diameter head on it than other brands. I have one gun that refuses to load a certain brand of ammo inside the mag.

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