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I've got a Supernova on the way! I called choke-tubes.com and they told me that 3inch hevishot 2oz. #6's will out pattern a 3.5" with 2 1/4 #6's. They also said the 3inchers pattern more consisteltny over the ten shots they test their chokes with. They recommended I get a .650 choke. Anyone agree? Disagree?

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I shoot 3.5" Win. Hi-Vel. #6's out of all my Benelli's, when I shoot lead. It patterns great. The only way that you will know, with any gun, is to try each. They are all different. Buy a couple of boxes of each, and have some fun testing. It is the only surefire way to know what you have. It will also let you see what your POI is compared to your POA. This is absolutely crucial for turkey hunting. You must know where the gun shoots, and then determine if a sighting device is needed..The .650-.660 range of constriction is a good bet. Again, you may want to try it and see how it works for you. Hope this helps, some..Mike

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I have heard from many that 3" shells tend to outpattern 3.5" shells. Just got to to do your own testing though.


I recently obtained a Browning Maxus (installed factory full choke). Put a few rounds of Winchester Supreme 3.5" XX Magnum Turkey loads (2.25 ou #5, 1150 fps) through it at 25 yards. I suspect 60% of it didn't even hit paper (~2'x2' turkey target) though it did put 12-19 in vital zones...oh and did I mention my shoulder hurts?! Trying to figure out what turkey choke to purchase. I don't plan on doing any surgery out to 50 yards so I may go with a little less restriction than is typical. Thinking about trying a ported 0.670 or 0.680.


But ultimately yeah you are going to need a choke (factory chokes tend to be poor and factory full will be less than optimal) and you are going to want to pattern test your hunting load at multiple distances. I will probably pattern test twice at each of the following distances: 20, 35, 50 yards.

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3.5" for me .665 Indian Creek or Hevi Shot .667 choke with either 3.5" 2oz or 2 1/4oz Hevi-13 #6 or #7 pellets. My second option if you wanted to use standard full choke....go with the Federal Flite control 3.5" 2oz #5 shot...this is a great load for under 40yds.

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