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Super Vinci 26" turkey Which stock choke?

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I am off on my first turkey hunt tomorrow morning. It is too late to get a good aftermarket choke now so 2 questions.


I have 2 types of ammo: winchester supreme 3.5" #5 with 2oz shot and remington Premier magnum 3" #5 with 2oz shot


What stock choke and load should I use?


Second, what is the best choke and round combo to order for the rest of the season?


My concern was I am in California so I can only get steel shot and the modified is the tightest choke benelli says to use steel with. I would use the full choke but I don't want to damage my gun (don't care about the choke).


Thanks for your input.

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im not from california,did you say you cant shoot lead or you cant buy lead?i only have to shoot steel or non-toxic for waterfowl,and on WDUs.that shooting is totaly different,so i cant help any on that.but i have just taken my first tom of the season with a factory full choke rated for steel and it mics at .705.i did not use steel but 2 3/4 inch copper blated,buffered Premier magnums 1 1/2 ozs of #6.i wouldnt hesitate to use steel through it with sizes in steel shot not larger than #3.steel in my findings doesnt liked to be squeazed.

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