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Getting ready for hunting season this fall some co-workers and I have decided to shoot league trap (first time doing this)

I'm shooting a Benelli SBE and would like to know what choke and shotshells you recommend?


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Nothing more open than modified. I recommend modified or an improved modified.


I shoot a very, very tight full choke but I've been doing ATA trap this a long time.


The off-the-shelf Wally World shells will work fine. If you want to go top shelf, go with Remington STS, Federal Gold Medal, or Winchester AA.


But the Wally World shells will break clays just fine if you're just doing it for fun.

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Remington Gun Club shells, 1-1/8 ounce in 7-1/2 or 8 shot will be perfect, as will Federal Top Gun's, or Winchester Universal's.


The 1 ounce shells will break clay targets just fine (that's what I use) but in a semi-auto, they sometimes don't have enough punch to cycle the action.

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I would go with at least improved modified (0.028). If you want to try handicap positions (up to 27 yards from the trap house), you need a full choke. You also need a full choke if you want to “smoke” the target.


At 16 yards from the trap house, just about any load will work, but as the others advise, 1 1/8 ounce loads are needed to cycle a recoil-operated autoloader. You need more velocity (powder) and good loads when shooting handicap (longer range) trap.



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