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I've recently purchased an M2 w/26" Advantage Timber finish and I love the gun. Does anyone have any experience w/M2 on high volume dove hunts in South America? What was the ammo of choice, size shot preferred and typical pass shooting ranges/chokes. Any similar responses regarding dove shoots anywhere would be welcome. Thanks in advance.

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I have never hunted south of the border, but my favorite load choke combo is imp. cyl. and a stout load of 71/2 shot. You can nock any dove dead out to about 35yds. Just make shure that you lead them enough. My best shoot to date is a 15 bird limmit with 22 shots useing the combo stated above


Black Jack you are right on smile.gif I coulden't think of a better reason for getting a new shotgun, since mine is camo too.

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Thanks for the feedback. I would have replied earlier but have been busy trying to find my gun...


I retire this next year and will have much more time to shoot. South America is a dream at this point but I thought the knowledge of what is most commonly shot there would help me decide which way to go. For hunting here at home, I believe I'll be shooting 9 shot with Improved Cylinder in the early season (birds flying closer). In the mid to late season, I'll shoot 8 shot in Modified and Improved Modified (birds higher in general). I think I'll be happy if I can get to where I can hit one out of three instead of one out of five!

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