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New Benelli M4 Owner - Added some mods to her already

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I just got my Benelli M4 near the beginning of August and have already modded it somewhat and plan to add a few final touches.


It has the Mesa Tactical OD Green Stock w Limbsaver pad and Cheek Riser (Cheek Riser currently not in use) / FFT OD Green Forend / FFT 3/4" Ti Charging Handle (not shown since I just got it)


I have shot ~200 rounds so far of a combination of 7 1/2 shot, #4 Buck, #4 Magnum Buck, and 00 Buck. No issues to speak of.


I plan on a carriercomp full mag tube order this week, sling, US follower and Hammer and maybe bigger bolt release.



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Congratulations, the gun looks great. Since you are new to shotguns, please consider a little free advice. Bring the gun, buttstock, up an inch to an inch and a half in your shoulder swell. Basically, you will be much more effective if you bring the sights up to your eyes, instead of your eyes to the sights. Second, pull the shotgun into your shoulder with your dominant hand and steer it with your support hand while keeping 80-85% of your weight in a foreward poisition over the balls of your feet. Again, this is only free advice based on the picture you posted. I have been a certified instructor for 17+ years and am still, always, willing to listen to and learn from others. I hope this will help. Though I carried a Remington 870 in the line-of-duty for years, my M-4 model 11721 is what I use now.

Most importantly, get as much trigger time as possible. And again, congratulations.


Scott Jens

C.H.P.D. (ret.)

Check Six Training LLC


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How much shorter is the Mesa Tactical stocks compared to the factory one?


The LOP is 12 1/2 instead of factory 14 3/8, I think with the collapsible stock the factory fully extended is 14 1/2.


The collapsible stock in the mid (2nd position) is pretty much the same LOP as the Mesa Tactical stock. I didn't waste my time looking for one of those (besides the obvious crazy price) since from what I read researching the M4 that no one uses the fully extended position that much and its not that great fully closed either most use the 2nd position 12 1/2 LOP.


The only "real" advantage is the smaller size for transport which doesn't help much unless you do all the work for the 14" barrel NFA item.

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Hahaha.. That was from my Glock 19 Gen 4 that I was shooting before. It has ejection problems like many of them do, so I had to order a new trigger housing with a updated ejector and installed that today..hopefully it stops the brass from hitting me in the head on every round :)

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