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Is this a barrel defect.


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Hi, my name is Sam. I just picked up a brand new Benelli Supernova tactical with rifle sights.I got it home, read the manual and before I even assembling the barrel I notice this on the breach side of the barrel. Is this normal or a defect? To me it looks like a chip. Would it still be safe to fire? I google for pics of benelli supernova barrels but didn't find one showing this angle. Thanks


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I just sent a question regarding to Benelli Customer Service via the website contact page. I have since practiced field stripping and assemble it a few times. The area where it is thin is where the extractor on the bolt turns as the bolt locks into battery. I looked at it with the bolt closed and there doesn't seem to be much room between the extractor and the barrel. It might be designed that way. Hopefully I was just worried and paranoid over nothing. Thanks for your reply. If someone with a supernova could check that area or even post a pic of it, I'd really appreciated This my first shotgun. Thanks

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