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Nice job, guys!

Is that a big river long reed?


These are hay fields surrounded by reed. There are also Ducks Unlimited ponds nearby we will be using opening day for duck season Oct.1st. We live in New Brunswick Canada. There not that many Geese in this part of the country so we really have to work for it and call them in. They usually fly in flocks of 6 or 7 and you'll get the odd flocks of 10-15. They merge together in the afternoons in various fields. The best place in Canada to hunt Geese is Clair Saskatchewan where they offer dream hunts. If you ever go, make sure you bring lots of ammo cause it rains geese over there. Check this link.


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OK, but I meant the call. I thought it was a Big River Long Honker, but now it looks more like a Foiles flute or similar.


Actually, that's my buddy. Not sure what make he's got but yes I use the BRL Honker myself. It saves me is screwing up my calls. Not the best sounds but appears to be working. You won't see me in Goose calling competitions with that one.


I know my buddies is flexible flutish type but not sure of the make. I will ask him this week as we're going out to try his new Franchi Affinity he bought yesterday.

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She has picked up one or two. She has gotten so used to picking up mallards that someone shot a teal last night ans she dropped it when she picked it up because it wasnt the same size or weight she was use to. I had to force her bcak to it to pick it up.

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I haven't had the time to get out the past couple of years as I'm a few hours from anyplace to hunt ducks/geese. Looking at those pics has got me swearing to myself that 2013 is gonna be filled with duck hunts. I'm jealous!!! Nice job guys.

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-opening day September goose

-opening day of pre season

-last night of pre season here in NJ


All retrieves are with mu upland trained GSP Jag

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