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Benelli SBE II Loose Foregrip

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There have been one or two instances of this in the past.

1. Make sure that all parts are present and installed properly.

2. If it's still loose, place several layers of electrical tape on the barrel ring to act as shims.


Yea, I am not at all comfortable having to ghetto rig my brand new $1500 shotgun to make it work.

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Not sure what you mean that it wobbles left and right. Do you mean is rotates on the magazine? (ok, I know it doesn't rotate all the way around. the barrel keeps it from doing that) Or is it "loose" in some other way?

Make sure that all of the forend washers and retainer are in place in the forend and BEHIND the barrel hanger when the barrel is installed. I've seen folks put all of them or some of them in behind the magazine cap in front of the hanger. Or forget to put some or all of them in at all. That causes the magazine cap to be unable to sufficiently tighten down the barrel against the front of the forend causing the forend to be loose. Every time I had someone tell me they can't tighten the forend against the receiver and it's loose, that has been the problem. Not sayin' that's your issue. Just check to ensure it isn't. I've seen dealers (mostly employees who don't know what they're doing when they're putting the gun together) send guns out like this.

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Do you have fore/aft play? IIRC, there are some little nubs on the end of the fore grip that fit into the receiver, at least that's the way it is on my Super Sport. Are they present on yours?


There is no fore / aft play. There are no "projections" to align or hold the foregrip in line with the receiver.

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Yea, I am not at all comfortable having to ghetto rig my brand new $1500 shotgun to make it work.


There it is. I'm surprised it took so long.


Some movement in the forearm is normal.

You will also discover that, despite the claims on TV commercials, there is substantial recoil when firing heavy loads.


Ghetto rig or live with it. It's duck season now.

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