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First Pheasant

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Second day of the Upland Bird Season and I bagged my first Pheasant! It was a beautiful full colored Rooster. The white band around his neck was very wide and prominent and easy to see as he rose from the tall grass.


For those that love the small details, I was working the edge of a tall grass field. Doing my Grouse walk which is walk a few feet, pause, look around and move slowly a few more feet. It was just to much for the Rooster and as I neared the end of the field, he burst up cackling and heading for the woods. He flew up about 12 feet in front of me and about 4 feet into the field. Just as he peaked, I fired and he went down hard, at about 35-40 feet away. Funny thing was I was still loaded for Quail with 1 ounce of #8 shot from my 20 guage O/U (IC choke). The Pheasant crashed just at the edge of the woodline and never moved a muscle.


About 2 hours later and 5 miles away, I was working the cover line of another large field and had stopped to eat a piece of hard candy when a hen Pheasant walked out of the woodline behind me. I don't think she new what to do and we just stared at each other at about 15 feet. Then I started to work around her so as to flush her into the grass field and away from the woods. She crouched down and I figured she was about to flush when suddenly she turned towards the woods and took off running. I lost her shortly after that. Well, seeing 2 Pheasants in one day may not be considered much in Nebraska or S. Dakota, but here in Massachusetts, thats considered a very good day. Oh, I don't own a dog either. Time to slow cook that rooster in my crock pot with veggies:)

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The Quail areas are so full of tall grass and briars and the leaves are still on. Got out my Quail whistle and after a few minutes this beatiful rooster stepped out of the field to see what all the calling was about. One flush later and a blast from my Remy 1100 in .410 guage (7.5 shot) and I had my first Quail of the season :D



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Great job! I hate when they want to run and don't flush! As soon as they start running I chase after them like a crazy man which usually scares them enough to fly! When pheasants are in the woods they have a tenancy to want to run rather then flush! This Friday is opening day for us in Ohio! Can't wait and neither can my English pointer!

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I'm having a pretty good season so far. Seen 4 pheasants. One I shot and the others ran (I really need a dog!) Flushed a Woodcock in some really heavy cover and took her on the second shot as she was weaving between Pine trees. Seeing Quail every time I go out and bagging at least one each time (they keep dashing into thick hedge rows). I'm hoping this Hurricane takes down most of the leaves to give me a chance.

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