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Choosing the Proper Benelli

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I'm a new member here, and I'm just looking for help deciding which Benelli to get. I've duck/quail/pheasant hunted my entire life, with a healthy mix of Sporting Clays as well. I am graduating from college in December and wanting to buy my first nice autoloader.


I've narrowed my selection down to a Benelli and hopefully a Legacy 12 28" or Super ii 12 28" The reason behind these two is that I really love the wood stocks and elegance of the two guns, but I'm not opposed to other models.


I would use it for Sporting Clay/Quail/Pheasant and leave the 870 for busting ducks.


My basic question becomes, do you think a Sport ii is a good choice as an all around gun? Are there any majors cons to using it for hunting when it's classified as a sporting clay gun?


I'm also open to other options, but I wanted to get some professional opinions.

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The wood stock guns look nice and I like they're look best but a Benelli wood will have more recoil than the others. I have one of the first Super Sports and like it a lot but my first pick for an all around Benelli would be the Super Black Eagle II.

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