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No kidding. I sent them an email asking what gives. Might be a fat fingered typo, but in two places? the suppressor really is massive. It dwarfs a birdcage/phantom/Vortex. It's basically a vortex on steroids.


I'm pretty happy with the tape switch setup. It's about an ounce lighter than the SR07 rail switch. I'm going to have the wire painted to blend in with the rail. Only the pressure pad will be black.


I noticed the the newer Surefire M600u's are quite a bit lighter than the older ones. Even their switch caps are lighter. My IWC mount arrived today for the light. Hopefully it snugs up tight to the rail. I'll screw with it tonight when I get home.

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I don't usually blast ammo off to the point that plastics are melting on the rail. I found zipties would melt in the past when attempting to secure cables to the rail. At least if they were anywhere near the gas tube or maybe the gas block. I have a few extra tape switches. So if it does melt, I'll rig up some sort of heat shield to slip behind the switch. Pretty sure the air gap behind the switch will keep most of the best off of the switch itself.

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Might try that if it's needed. I never had an issue with the NSR rail and covers even when fast firing. The NSR was supposed to get a heat shield developed for it, but I think that got sidelined by John passing away.


Magnesium has a lower heat transfer rate than aluminum. So theoretically it should remain cooler than say the NSR.

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A couple profile shots of the completed switch. The IWC mount is okay, but not as low profile as I had hoped. I may look for other options to tuck the light in closer to the rail. I really wish Surefire would do away with that stupid straight wire tape switch plug. It would be so much better if they had a 60 - 90 degree angle coming off of the plug cap that you could index whichever way you needed. This would keep the package much more compact.





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Since you are looking for options to pull in tighter...


Might try the low-pro mounts... http://store.greygrouptraining.com/LOWPRO-FLASHLIGHT-MOUNT.html

I can take some pics of what this mount looks like with a E series mounted to the top rail on the NSR. Give you an idea of what you'd be getting into. It would require you to switch your body out. They also offer a scout mount, but I can't say it would reduce your profile over what you have.

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Okay I mocked up an E Series on the NSR rail , which is similar but has slightly different geometry than the BCM, using the Low-Pro mount. Yes, the front magpul site is backwards. This is because I use this mount with another smaller light that I had to grind off the release tab on one side of the mount which normally faces the left. Because SD wants to mount his light on the right I reversed it so the tab does not touch the light. I wanted the site on there to show if you have a small enough site you can tuck it in there. The new Ti Spikes sites might be even better, or may not fit at all. I can't say.


A bonus with this is if you choose, and it works out for you, you can actually activate the light with your thumb directly still - if you hold your thumb over the top of the guard it works surprisingly well from the quick test I did. Of course you can use the tape switch just like you have it too.


Full Album here:



A few shots:




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Anytime SD.


Things to consider -


The set screw is what fastens it to the rail. You can see the thread lock debris from me removing and remounting it for these pictures. It is a nylon tipped set screw. Not my favorite fastening method, but it has worked well, I use this mount on two firearms with no issue. It pulls the mount against the rail so it's not just the set screw's contact point keeping it in place, although if that fails the entire rig comes loose and can move on your rail.


Sharp Edges - It has some edges that I wish were given a radii. Specifically where the screws holes are to clamp the light. They are not sharp, but if that were to swing and hit flesh it is a hard corner. Of course you could hit them on a bench sander and then blacken it.


It's low profile is setup for a quad rail. It could be adjusted for keymod geometry in BCM/NSR, but no such animal yet. But even so it does not fully accommodate the magpul sight shown (not that it was designed to). Pictures of a ground off deployment tab included in new album below.


Lastly, if you must have your sight directly at the end of your rail, this will likely force you to have the mount span the tailcap. You can put the mount out if front of your sight to avoid this, but it may not matter since you can feed new batteries in through the front on your e series setup.


Full Album:



Ground off Sight Deployment Tab:






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Bad day at the range today. I shot my light loose today using 3" magnum rounds out of the Ava mount. I thought I had it pretty tight, but it shook it free. It actually scraped off some of the knurling on the Surefire cap. I need to think of a method of securing the light better to the mount.


I also determined parts of my M4 after 12,000 rounds are worn out.


When the bolt is locked to the rear, I can slap the bolt handle forward and it will close. The breech latch is worn out and the bottom of the bolt carrier is worn pretty heavily around the notch that actuates the breech latch. The shells aren't feeding from the shell elevator correctly anymore. I tried both the TTI and stock elevators with the same problem. So I think it's time to start hunting down some replacement parts.


I received the titanium .625" gas block from V7 Weapon Systems today. The weight difference from the BCM unit is pretty amazing. I'm calculating a 1.226 ounce weight cut.


ADCO told me that they'll pin the titanium gas block for me when I have the barrel cut down to 13.1" and the flash suppressor pinned in place. I'll send all the parts in after they come back from painting.


25 grams is great for that mount. The IWC mount is 27.89g.

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Dang heck of a day indeed.


Send pictures of the insides of light clamp portion of the AVA mount and the light body damage. One thing I know I will do on next run of clamps is reduce the lightening cuts on the clamp to increase surface contact.


How many rounds do you think you've put through it with the AVA mount(s) you have used?

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Here's the AVA Tactical Mount. I think this might have been my fault. I checked the screws that attached the outer light ring to the body of the mount. They seemed fairly loose. I'm certain I tightened them more than what I found. Either that, or the absence of the flash light body allowed the screws to tighten more since the body wasn't offering any resistance. The fasteners had blue locktite on them.


I reassembled and seated the flash light deeper into the ring so that the front portion of the ring is spanned over the light's body. I then cranked the fasteners down to 30 inch pounds. I didn't want to risk going higher on the short fasteners.

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After looking at the light mount options, I'm going to try a GearSector Scout light mount. They did a revision to them recently and got the weight down to .7 ounces. That's just under 20 grams. I like the attachment method better and it seems to be low profile as well.


They don't have too many sharp edges either.


I had them in the past on several weapons, but sold them off.



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I've looked at V7's stuff, and to be frank, some of it is appealing but offers no value, and other parts of it are concerning.


What I mean, is, there are mil-spec parts for a reason and mil-spec materials for a reason. We KNOW that they work, and work well, and we know their life-spans pretty well, also. Introducing exotic materials into the equation and/or changing critical designs introduces an unknown to the equation.


I have been all about "better". I bought a Rubber City Armory BCG for me, and some for my friends. Then we actually used them and the bolt on one of them peened. I wasn't pleased. Dumped the whole group of them and replaced them with milspec BCG's that we can count on.


QPQ, shot-peened, C158 bolt SOUNDS like a winner...but it wasn't.


Milspec isn't sexy, but in the case of critical parts, I feel that before deviating from it, a lot of research should be done.

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