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Can pistol grip AND ComforTech be combined on SuperNova?


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Hi. I'm looking into options for a first shotgun that will be used for home defense. I'm really leaning to the SuperNova tactical with pistol. Is it possible to get both the pistol grip AND the ComforTech stock on the same gun? I ask because I've held -- and prefer -- the pistol grip, but my wife will be using this as well, and I'm looking at options that can help reduce the impact on her shoulder.


(BTW, I was steered to Benelli by some folks I know at the local police dept, who use them and rave about the product quality -- the M2 and M3 are their top choices, but that's a bit out of my price range for how much use it will get).


Thanks for any input!

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The SuperNova will take both stocks. Just FYI, it is easier to field strip the ComforTech vession than the pistol grip version. You cannot field strip the pistol grip version without having a 13mm socket around to loosen the stock. No tools required for field stripping the ComforTech version though.


For your situation, you can get the Comfortech version, then buy the Mesa Tactical Urbino pistol grip (~$170). I personally prefer the Mesa Urbino pistol grip over the Benelli's one for its recoil absorption and 2" shorter length of pull. If she likes the recoil on the pistol grip, then you won't have to deal with swapping stocks anymore and can actually put the ComforTech up for sale. :)


It's a big investment if you buy everything new, so look on the used market also where you can save quite a bit.

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