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What is big game hunting?

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When you channel surf trying to find the Super Bowl, World Series, NBA finals, etc etc.

haha,,long ago,,still funny as ****

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What is big game hunting?

When you walk out into the field with over 78 Elk moving through it. And your party gets a 5 point, the lead cow, and a first year bull.

This year I bought a R1 270 WSM, and need your assistance, anyone tell me what Brand and grain Bullet this rifle will like?

I cannot afford to go out and buy 8 different types, so asking your advice.

RE the R1 just shot it for the first time on Saturday, all I can say is WOW!

Had a Remington 742, jammed on the first shot, in a snow storm at a Royal 7 point Elk. Took a torch to it.

My Son in Laws Browning Bar, would not fire in the -20 November weather up here. So he walked with it on his head like antlers towards the moose.

Thanks in advance Walter

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