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I need your oppion on the SBE II

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Hello, My name is Zach. In Chemestry, we were assigned a 20 page research report on an invention that has changed the world. I chose to pick the Benelli Super Black Eagle II Shotgun for mine. It was assignedthat we had to do an interview, of 7 questions, please get back to me soon.

1) What is your Favorite feature of your Bennelli?

2)What part or parts of this gun do you think sets it apartfrom the rest of the competition?

3) Can you feel the difference in the kick?

4) How often do you have to clean your Benelli?

5)How many rouds do you think you have fired from your SBE II?

6) Do you think the Benelli has helped you more with accuracy compared to your shot guns in the past?

7) What is your favorite game to hunt with your SBE II?

-Thank you for your time,

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1- Reliability and easy to clean

2-Inertia Driven Action parts

3-With Comfort tech stock? yes

4-Once after waterfowl season over

5-Approx> 1k


7-Ducks and Geese

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