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Crio System Choke Tubes


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Does anyone know somewhere to get full and extra full choke tubes that work with the Crio System, accidentally got the carlson's waterfowl set but its for the Crio Plus System and they no longer make the Crio choke tubes. I have the factory IM and Full choke tubes, but from my understanding I can't shoot steel through them. I love my factory Modified choke tube, but here in SC I have to take some far shots (not by choice) so I needed to find some FULL/Extra Full choke tubes that can shoot steel for my Benelli Cordoba.


Thanks in advance for any help/suggestions!

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So you're trying to get chokes for your Cordoba (Edit: wow completely missed you saying that in the first post)? Could you post a picture of your current factory choke so we can see where the threads are? As far as I know the SBEI (and other guns like the Nova's at least) use chokes that have the threads right at the top of the muzzle. SBEII's that use the Crio Plus I guess have threads about an inch back from the muzzle.


If yours thread from directly at the muzzle then you should be able to use the SBEI/Beretta/Mobil whatever they call them chokes like here:




Ignore the picture as it isn't accurate...it's the same one for all of their chokes

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the threads are on the end of the barrel, the chokes that came with it are extended choke tubes that say Benelli Armri CrioChokes on the side of them. I have a set of crio plus choke tubes and they do not fit. Thanks for your help.

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M4whore's on it.


I'm fairly certain Cordoba's never used Mobil chokes. I think they started with the Crio Sport (like the SuperSport), and then changed to the Crio Plus. My Cordoba uses the Crio Plus, but it's a 2013 model.


Troll ebay for a used one if they don't have any of the old ones in stock. I know Carlson's used to make some for the crio sport, as did Briley (probably still do), Patternmaster (if you want it broken off in your ass for the same quality of choke), and Kicks.

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