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Benelli M4 -- Weapon light mounting Options Suck!

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AggiePhil is correct. It's an Aimpoint T1 4moa dot on a LaRue low mount. The optic was painted in Burnt Bronze Cerakote.


I tried an EOTech on this M4 years ago. A 552 model. After several years, and about 8000 rounds, the reticle was so fuzzy I couldn't use it anymore. Even a trip back to EOTech didn't really fix it.

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Thanks guys,

I'm so used to shooting my AR's with a red dot, never had one on a SG. Always used bead sights.

I have the Eotechs, and a couple of cheaper red dots on 22's. This weekend I'm going to put one on and see how I like it.

I was thinking of putting a Burris Fastfire on it.

Sorry to hijack thread, but as for lights, I put the Surefire forend on the M4, light and AFG. Very happy so far with the set up.

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This is *THE* thread served to push the development of the AVA Tactical Benelli M4 Light Mount, but that's not why I am posting here!


Sorry to push this up to the front again, however this thread comes up as the #1 result on google for one of the two key search terms I am after. Shameless promotion, don't want anyone to miss the solution.


See this thread:





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Looking at these pics makes me wonder about attaching to the barrel/magazine band as a neat way to do a light and retain the toolless takedown...


Kind of like an 8 with flat sides.


Thin and pinned/hinged at 12oclock thicker and bolt together at bottom with inset screw heads and I'd think float the upper hole free from the barrel by a few thou.


Ask and ye shall receive I guess AVATech did it for us.

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