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Excessive rear sight adjustment required

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Got to shoot some slugs through the M2 last weekend and noticed I was shooting high and WAY right. At the time, I didn't play with the sights too much as I figured it was just technique. So today I picked a laser bore sight that loads directly into the chamber. The projected dot was slightly high and significantly off to the right.


To get the sights and laser dot lined up correctly, it took about 8 clicks to move the point of impact down (clockwise) and roughly 60 clicks (counter-clockwise) to move the rear sight to the left. Note that there are only about 75 clicks from center, to each side. Now obviously the real test will be to see if this new adjustment actually translates to accurate shot placement, but if it does, should I be contacting Benelli? Something just seems wrong about having to make such a large adjustment.

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Rather than use up ALL the rear sight adjustment, it might be preferable to drift/adjust the front sight a bit. Remember to move the front sight in the opposite direction you want to move your POI (point of impact).


Better idea: invest in a good reflex sight and forget the iron sights. ;)

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