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Supernova 14 inch barrel


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I am in Canada and have a Supernova with a 14" barrel. I've got it for sale somewhere on this forum.....but, I was wondering if it is worth selling the barrel alone and getting a longer one for myself. It's the one with the ghost ring sights.


Is there a market in th US for 14" barrels and what would this be worth? I might be ble to get a few of them. Also, I'll see if I can get some collapsible stocks. People seem to want them. I had one but traded it for a Comfortech, which is much better for hunting.


If selling my '14 incher' to an American is illegal, then please tell me. I don't know US laws.





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I'm not sure about what it's worth other than comparing price to other Benelli barrels and don't know about shipping it to US.

In the US minimum shotgun barrel length is 18 inches unless the gun is registered with the ATF as a Short Barreled Shotgun, SBS. Not an impossibility but, requires filling out some and application with the Nationa Firearms Act branch of the ATF, paying a $200 excise tax, and awaiting approval. Right now I believe most approvals are taking about 6 months. SBS are teated the same as machine guns or suppressors. There are some on this forum with a SBS that could probably answer you with better authority though.

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Gotcha. The shipping part is no problem as I live very near the US/Cdn border. Probably just drive it over and USPS it.

I dont even think they're sold in the States.


Our gun laws are so vastly different. I can ONLY fire my handguns on an approved range, yet I can buy a SBS over the counter and walk out 5 minutes later with it....and HUNT with it, too. All shotguns are treated the same (with the exception of modified, total under 26")



Im going to work on some collapsible stocks. They seem to be quite sought after in the US. No legalities over here regarding them.

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Obviously not...that's why they are regularly available for purchase in the US...on guns and by themselves....:rolleyes:


Obviously you have no clue about ATF import regulations....


Why dont you read up on it and get back to this thread....

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