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FS: Benelli M4 Standard Straight Stock - #81041

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you idiots missed the *OR BEST OFFER* that was in all caps and starred? I keep myself open to offers :), its no different than the prices of the C-stocks going through the roof

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Benelli M4 Standard Straight Stock Item #81041


Product is new, I removed it from a M4 and replaced it with a telescoping stock


Payment via Paypal & Shipped via USPS Priority mail


Asking $500 *OR BEST OFFER*


There seems to be alot of people asking for these lately.. so I thought I would see how it goes :)


Send me a PM with offers/questions!


how about $275? you should probably go to gunbroker with that price. or ebay. although.... new one sold on ebay for $360 the other day, so maybe not.

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JMO but I submit you opened yourself up to it. If you want to get the *maximum* price then there's feebay or gunjoker. Attempting to take advantage of your fellow forum members on this forum is inappropriate imo. There was another way without mentioning a price: "Offers considered - submit offers via PM." Surely you're not into that stock anywhere near $500, and if you are then you're playing the greater fool game. In these times gunowners should be treating their fellow gunowners with the utmost respect and not trying to price gouge (as I'm seeing with the a$$hats trying to flip ammo). Again, jmo.

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