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Benelli M4 -- Bolt Handles Compared

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Tom is correct...Its a Dave's Metal Works Speed Bar. Essentially its just a piece of bent metal...super simple...It hooks on to the forearm retaining band and is held in place by the fore grip. The disadvantage is that it has scuffed the finish on my B-button! ;)



I dont really care about that...but I just put some shrink tubing on it to see if that prevents further marring.

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I've weighed the KZ ergonomic charging handle - it's 24 grams (0.85 oz) - that's ridiculous!


That's probably gonna cause some malfunctions when rapid shooting my M4 - what do you think guys?

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The 24.5 gram GG&G bolt handle I had years ago slowed my action speed enough for me to notice/feel. I think I chucked it in the lake.

I bought one of those as well early on. Hated it!!! Ended up selling it for $25 shipped. Carriercomp! All. The. Way.:cool:

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