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Super Vinci Questions and Concerns


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I received my brand new Super Vinci yesterday and had a quesiton and a concern. Just to be clear, it is brand new, unfired, and was factory-sealed when I received it. I'll start with the concern 1) The feed ramp as can be seen in the picture is not centered. In fact, it is so off-center that it is literally rubbing against the inside of the "chamber". [ATTACH=CONFIG]2127[/ATTACH]


In the photo above, you can see that it is off center, but because of the shadows, you can't quite see that it is actually rubbing against the inside. Here's a photo showing where it is rubbing (just above my thumb):



I hope I'm not being too picky here, but it seems like Quality Control should have seen this, right?


Now for my question, and it relates to the case. The only way that the barrel assembly fits into the case is by placing the open area over the "pegs". But, since there is a spring assembly inside of the open area, it would be banging against the pegs. To me, that meas a pretty short life for the spring assembly! Am I missing something? Here's a photo of the open area that would be placed over the pegs (also shown)[ATTACH=CONFIG]2129[/ATTACH]

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Anyone (especially from Benelli?) I actually called Benelli USA, talked to their CS representative and sent the pictures. That's been 72 hours ago, and nothing. I think I'm just going to send the gun back. Spending 1700 (ish) on a gun that hasn't even gone through a good QC control seems ridiculous. Unfortunately, this also means that I'm taking the M4 (the next gun on my list) off the wishlist. VERY DISAPPOINTED

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Update: I just got off the phone with Benelli Customer Service (I had to call them, they did not call me). Although the gentleman with whom I spoke was infinitely more knowledgeable about the gun (the first rep I spoke with might as well not have even seen one), he was extremely rude. This is their third strike as far as I'm concerned (first strike- sending out a defective gun, second strike, failing to respond to me in a timely fashion, third strike, being tremendously (not just a little - very) rude.

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