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Benelli M4 OEM Picatinny Rail + Aimpoint Micro H-1 OEM Mount

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Hi guys,


I'm running the Aimpoint micro H-1 with the oem mount on the Benelli M4 oem picatinny rail. I've read on this forum that the oem rail can cause some damage to the mounts like LaRue tactical, ADM, etc. What about the oem aimpoint mount? Will it cause also some damage? Thanks.

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Generally if the mount uses a cross bolt type design where a something full spans the rail it won't be able to damage it. The larue mount uses a recoil lug that just so happens to be just a tad wider than the groove down the OEM Bm4 rail. When used in combination, problems result.

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If it's on there already and not causing damage .....no.

Thanks M4-DC. I'm considering to change the oem mount soon and replace it with the throw-lever mount with a full cross-bolt so it won't cause a damage. Would you recommend me some solid mount?

BTW What about A.R.M.S. #31?

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