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My improved M4 - it's now a 10 shot...

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For those of you wondering, set up the way I have it, I can easily fit 9 of the Rio Buckshot and ANY of the oversized 2-3/4 ammo including Dupo Slugs which shoot well and cycle every time.


I even shot 9 3 inch turkey loads out of it at the range one day for fun.


It can handle 10 of pretty much all of the normally sized 2-3/4 inch ammo like the federal tru-balls and federal or winchester buckshot loads.

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I have a machinist that can also make this (on special request $$$) in titanium for weight sensitive guys but this is a robust cap which, if you don't have any kind of barrel extension, will extend about 1-5/8s beyond the barrel and make a great little chest poker and not effect accuracy OR shooting at all. You wouldn't want to poke anyone with my Briley Compensator unless you wanted chunks of em coming back with it...lol

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I'm using that heavy duty super spring from CarrierComp. I tried several others I had hanging around and they were fine with 9 rounds of the big stuff but I couldn't get 10 of the Federal Tru-ball slugs thru it without that last one hanging up. Bought a couple of Kip's Full Length mag springs and poof. They were EXACTLY the magic I needed to make it work.


Heck, I figure, even if guys don't like the look of the mag being a bit longer than the barrel, it wouldn't hurt to keep one of these caps around with a good spring for a SHTF situation where looks will fall by the wayside and one extra round might just be a handy thing to have in there...

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Yes. It's very simple. The retainer clip is now useless and all you do is take the cap off slowly and hold onto the spring as you field strip the gun. When you are putting it back in, you just manually feed the spring down as you work the cap to the threads and then screw it on. I'm pretty certain just about anyone could do it since this isn't exactly a coil spring from an old chevy we are dealing with.


Simple design, simple processes.


I have had ZERO issues doing things this way and my gun loads and shoots mass amounts of pretty much anything I put into it with no added complications whatsoever.


Maybe I'll work up a short clip of how I do it. It's really incredibly simple. I mean heck, even I can do it and I'll never be accused of being a rocket scientist...

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Not to steal any thunder from Sharkey but Midway has the Nordic +1 extension for the Super Nova and it also fit's the M4. I have a +2 on my SN and it's a direct fit to the M4.



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I'll never put down anyone else's work but I will say that the part on my gun is one rugged tool and was made specifically for my M4. One piece, solid, matches the finish perfectly and makes quite a nice little ram all on it's own.


1 solid piece of steel and built to last.


Good find though KB. I hadn't seen that one.

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