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Factory M4 SBS (922r q regarding using 18" barrel and Benelli 2 round ext)


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I am by no means an attorney. I think that once you put a full size barrel on the gun it is no longer a SBS.


In regards to 922® on a full size gun: since you're running a Collapsible Stock you will need four (4) US parts and your 2 round extension does not count. So you could do mag follower, handguards, hammer and sear.

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If the M4 is registered as an SBS, then it's an SBS regardless of whether you put an 18" barrel on it. I checked this out with my class III dealer when I bought mine. I already had an full size version but was just curious. Actually, you can take it off the registry but then you would be hosed if you wanted to put the 14" barrel back on there. You're fine if you want to swap barrels like that.

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