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MR1 info and looking for mags

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Just bought a MR1 to have a 223 semi auto in the socialist state of NY and need another 5 or 10 rounder to comply with A. Coumo's anti-gun law

Remember if he runs for Pres. he will do it to the whole country.


I do not see a forum thread for MR1's if there is a more appropriate place to ask please advise.



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I use PMags in mine. They work flawlessly for me. I live in California, so 10 rounds is the order of the Day here as well.

If you prefer Metal over the Plastic PMAGS,,,,,the metal 10 round mag that came with my Smith & Wesson M&P AR 14 works OK also. Beware the cheapy AR mags on the internet. The Spring in the magazines are weak and caused Jamming constantly. Also, some of the metal Mags dont fit the MR1 very well and you have to Jiggle em around to make them fit.


P.S......There is not much info on the MR1 hereabouts. I guess not many people own one. I bought mine used, and I cant find an Owners Manual anywhere. Everything I know about Takedown and Maintenance, I learned on YouTube, and be "Doing it Myself." I'm STILL not sure about Lubrication after cleaning and before reassembly......... I've read (in the R1 threads) that the Piston assy should not be lubed,,,,,but when I disassembled MINE for the first time, I found a fair amount of black grease on the rubber O-ring in the Piston......

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Sorry I missed your kind response. I did try some Bushmaster 10 rounders and found they have a bump out on the mag above the opening for the mag holder/release and it held the mag so it had to be pulled free. Good old sledge hammer mechanics solved the problem with a straight bladed screwdriver and hammer, they drop free now!

Have you tried a scope of holo sight with see thru rings (my thought)?

I have not disassembled my MR! yet but the manual does not seem to call for lube on the piston assembly. Neither the wife's supersport or my M1 super 90 have received any lube except minimal on the bolt and rail for the bolt and mo problems after thousands of rounds.

Also if you send me your address I will photocopy my owners manual and send it to you: [email protected]

I also expect you could get one from customer service at Benelli USA and theirs would be in color.

Best regards,

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