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Duggan Sighting

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Some of you may remember me. Most probably do not. It's been a long, long time since I frequented this forum (or any gun forum for that matter), but I enjoyed my time here.


I just wanted to say hi and wish everyone the best ... I'm glad this forum is still active and people still love their Benelli's!



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Original architect of the true spec picatinny rail.


Welcome back.


Ah yes, my contribution to the Benelli world. :D


Does anyone make a true rail for the M4 these days? I don't see it on Carriercomp's site.

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Hope you still don’t clean your M4!


You know it!


I sold it to a friend a few months back ... uncleaned (only lubed) for the better part of a decade! :D


I may get one of the fancy new titanium cerakote H2O versions in the future, if I feel the need.

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