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R1 Additional Barrel Cost

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I recently purchased a R1. I have several Benelli Shotguns and felt this would be a good addition to my arsenal. I bought a .270 WSM. I thought that would be all I would need for deer and an occasional hog and since they didn't make these anymore, I had to look hard for a good one. No that I am reading more about these rifles, I am interested in an additional 30.06 barrel. Once I started pricing the barrels new, I thought it would be best just to buy another rifle.


Are there any used ones ever for sale? There has to be a better option than the retail price of $600-$700??

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I got lucky and found a nib .30-06 barrel for my R1 .300 WM on gunbroker about 3 years ago. They are almost impossible to find both used and new. When I bought my R1 back in '07, I was duped by the stupid marketing Benelli did with the interchangeable barrel idea. The concept, from the beginning, was prohibitive for most of us either due to cost, lack of availability, or ridiculously long wait times for orders. Not to mention you need to buy another scope or remount the scope from the other barrel onto the new one. Love the rifle, though.

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