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M4 - FFT Titanium Charging Handle fit


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Refer to my post #15 or the other fellow's that posted a video. It literally took less than 10 mins and that's with me being careful. Why go crazy over getting another part that might do same thing. Mine is working fine now. For what it's worth, FFT is slow and sometimes cocky. Just do your own mod and be done with it.

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I'll just leave this right here. This shows the tip of the bolt handle where it engages the detent inside the bolt carrier. After years of use, you can see the titanium Design Concepts tip was starting to show deformation. The same occurs with the FFT titanium charging handle. Do they still function? Yes. How long will it take before they fall out during recoil or manipulation? Depends how much you use it.


Having said that, I have two FFT charging handles and a spare. Plus one Carriercomp black bolt handle to go with my three M4's. If carriercomp ever lets more charging handles out, I'll snag some.

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I have replaced the FFT charging handle with a GG&G which works as one would expect. I am finding that I like the larger size compared to the FFT (1/2 in?). However, the aesthetics of the FFT titanium are superior IMO (if you care). I also have the FFT forends. The fit isn't as good as the OEM parts, but no filing was needed.


I am currently experimenting with a Nordic Components x1 mag extension on my CC 7 round mag tube. I am intending to use the CC/Wolff 7 rnd spring to make it more likely that I can get 8 rnds into the mag provided it runs reliably. Any thoughts on this? Also wondering if the Nordic Components mag extension has any 922® implications? Instruction sheet implies made in USA.

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more likely that I can get 8 rnds into the mag


The extension will stick past the barrel unless you run one of those breacher-chokes. The real problem with mag extensions is that the shells/follower/spring can get hung up on the lip where the extension transitions to the magazine. This is fairly unlikely, especially since a +1 extension only has the spring that far back. If you want to know all about mag extensions go ask the 870 guys. They're experts!


I'm no attorney but I don't think that a mag extension on a Ti tube will run afoul of 922®. This is because compliance requires one to get rid of imported parts, not necessarily replace them.

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