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M4 Field stock Vs pistol grip?

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This thread got me to thinking about a couple of things.......first, I never really looked a my recoil spring tube to see if it is the 3-position collapsable stock one or not. I was pleased to find that it is. Mine is a 2014 H20 gun.

Secondly, I got out the field stock that I bought and never used to take another look at it. I actually like the way it looks on my gun better than the fixed PG stock that came with it.

SO, I ordered another NOVESKE QD sling swivel and another LImbsaver butt pad to put on this field stock and give it another chance in actual firing.😎

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3 hours ago, PremiumOctane said:

I don't know if its just me or not, but I've noticed recoil is dramatically reduced with the pistol grip.

Very possible.

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I don't think the pistol grip reduces recoil, but what I have noticed is that I seem to get better shoulder welds when using the pistol grip vs the field stock. When using the the field stock, I have to concentrate more on getting a good seat. (Shoulder to buttock) 

the P/G allows me to push it in to my shoulder without really thinking about it, resulting in a lower percentage of times when I seem to leave a gap between my shoulder and buttstock. 

Hiking with the pistol grip will cause many curse words to come out of your mouth. So ill changed mine to field.

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