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BENELLI OPTIC RAIL The decisive Trijicon RMR mount for the Benelli m4


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Excellent choice to do away with the picatinny section on the rail. Almost no one is mounting anything on it. A dedicated optic mount that is snag free is ideal. I considered cutting off the picatinny rail section myself.


Thanks, SD. That's what we discovered as well. However, we didn't want to simply chop the front off of a BOR/RMR: Relying on just 2 screws is asking for trouble if you were to ever drop your shotgun onto the optic.


It's taken us this long to develop the IOR because it actually has 4 screws anchoring it to the receiver.


This isn't hard to do if you have a top mounted sight like the RMR to install, but we wanted a design that would also potentially accommodate an Aimpoint Micro, which has it's mounting screws go in from the bottom. This was a **** of an engineering challenge but we persevered and we hope you all agree that it will be worth the wait.

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Ooh, I like the idea of replacing the RMR with an Aimpoint Micro. Will it be an absolute co-witness?


No, an absolute co-witness on a Benelli shotgun is physically impossible given the height of the iron sights and the height of either the Trijicon RMR or the Aimpoint Micro. You wouldn't want an absolute co-witness anyway because the iron sights would block half of the optic window.


Both the IOR models will have an extreme lower-third co-witness that is 36% improved over the BOR/RMR .

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Cannot wait for this to come out. For those of you guys who haven't tried Scalarworks other mounts, I highly recommend checking out their picatinny rail mount options for various red dot optics. Their mounts are lighter and better designed than even LaRue of ADM.


Every item Scalarworks comes out with is hit out of the park. I like them so much that I'll be carrying their items as a dealer very soon.

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Pics look great! Can you please elaborate on what you mean by "extreme lower-third co-witness that is 36% improved over the BOR/RMR"? Thanks.


Thanks!The BOR/RMR placed the RMR 4.15mm off the top of the receiver. The new IOR/RMR gets it down to 2.66mm (36% lower).One of the shortcomings of the BOR/RMR that we set out to remedy was that you could almost just barely see the top of the front sight post through the rear ring with an RMR installed. The IOR/RMR will get the RMR just that tiny bit lower to let you see a bit more of the iron sights. It doesn't seem like much, but it's a big improvement over the original.


As for the IOR/Micro; it has a very similar co-witness to the RMR because it doesn't have the rear hump of the RMR to look over, which balances out the fact that we had to make the Micro's platform a bit taller than the RMR's in order to accommodate the Aimpoint Micro T-2's front lens cap.

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I'm looking to grab a Scalarworks mount ASAP. If someone has one they are willing to part with, I'll grab it immediately. This could work out well for someone who wants the newer mount being released in January and has more patience than I do.


I'm selling a BOR110, but there's another guy interested ahead of you. If he backs out, I'll let you know.

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Absolutely Fantastic Company


The mindset and attention to detail is one often looked over nowadays,


I really like the fact that it utilizes all the fastener holes for stability, and that you have dedicated designs to keep each model optimal, low and light as possible.


Looking forward to the M$ mount and will also be sure to pick up mounts for my ARs.


I am very happy with this company and will surely recommend them to as many peers as possible.


Wish you good luck, keep up the good work and take care!!

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Quick question...the T2 mounts from UNDER the rail, correct? What about the RMR? It mounts from the TOP, right? As in, I could not remove the T2 without removing the rail, but I COULD remove the RMR without removing the rail, right?


That is correct. These are the limitations in the designs of both sights and are unavoidable without compromising the mounting height above the receiver.


Also, for anyone interested, we have put up our shop pages for IOR bundles: https://scalarworks.com/optic-bundles/


We already have plenty of Aimpoint Micro T-2 and Trijicon RM06 sights in stock so they will both be available when the IOR's are ready for sale.

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