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Ava tactical mount but what light?????!!!!!

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I got rid of the blam4 mount and my streamlight. What size of ava tactical mount do I want? Also what light do I want????!! Please post pictures and your suggestions if you have one. I was thinking of surefire. Also I hated the blam4 mount with the streamlight. Created too much barrel shine (shadow). Will I have this problem with ava tactical and a light?

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Appreciate the interest.


It really comes down to if you have a prefernce for a specific light or not. If not, do you prefer a particular size - the main catagories being E Series / Scout which are .8 Inch vs 6 Series or 1 Inch lights. There are many compatible clones and series made with these basic formats.


My favorite configuration is the E Series with the KE2-A emitter, it is a very compact package. But the way the light is tucked in, the 1 inch lights don't protrude much either.


There is a shadow, however. It does not bother most. The placement that the AVA uses allows activation of the light without a remote switch, is also ideal for mounting surface as well as sling placement.


I did consider for a bit, making one that clamped to the front barrel hanger - but this would have been a significantly less popular choice. Volume is already a challenge with anything specifically for the M4.



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Surefire KE2-A Head



Surefire L4 Lumamax (Body and Tail Cap Z61)



This is a pretty cost effective method of getting a great weapon light package. 500 lumens, momentary/constant on tail cap. E series body.

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I got rid of the blam4 mount and my streamlight.....


Many of us have gone that route to replace it with the AVA mount. I have the Surefire E2L, works well for my needs. Many chose a brighter light this is an older 60 lumens model.

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I'm also in the process of finding the mount for my Benelli M4. But even with the available options, I'm still not quiet satasified.


For example.


I like the BLAM4 mount for its size and convenience and simplicity. However, I'm worry about the sturdiness, since it only grabs onto one location. I'm also a bit worry about how it copes with recoil with the light mounted.


I've also look at the AVA mount, it looks nice, and have lots of contact points with the shotgun, however I'm interested on mounting streamlight tlr1- hl, which means I have to mount it on the accessory rail, making the scope mount unnecessary. I was hoping that AVA can make/adjust the mount so there are two accessory rails.


I'm not aware of any other options, does anyone have any recommendations?

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AVA is a nice mount, but for those that would like to mount a very specific weapon light, on a very specific side of the gun, guess we're out of luck until AVA decide to make additional options.


The costs to make something like that for just a few would be prohibitive.


You're talking about $2000 in machining to make at that volume. I can say that because I had three prototypes made when developing the product.


The question then becomes - is a custom mount solution worth 2k to you - or is it more palatable to consider other lights? Only you can decide what is right for you.


The mount, BTW, is ambidextrous. You can mount with the rail on either side of the firearm. And you can mount the TLR series with it. The only problem is your light ring side will either go unused or you will need to find some other utility for it.

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This is a good thread. I too have struggled with choosing the best "from scratch" light/AVA mount combo.


AVATactical.com, could you or someone else post photos of an M4 with your mount and a Streamlight TLR-1 attached to the railed side, preferably on the left side of the gun?

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In my experience, I never found the activation switch on pistol lights to go real well with shotguns when actually firing the weapon. There is a lot of opportunity in jamming your fingers. Particularly with buck and slug loads. The typical Scout light shrouded tailcap presents the same problem. The exposed rubber unit of the Z61 I mentioned above is much better. If you're ridding your thumb on the back of the button for momentary control of the light, you'll learn something about recoil.

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