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Benelli M4 -- ATI Stock Issues

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Would you please point me to one of these independant long term reviews? I can't seem to find one anywhere on the internet. I can't even seem to find a review on your own website. I just see "be the first to review this product." I can only find "reviews" which simply read as a sale's pitch from when you first released the product and the poor reviews here on the BenelliUSA forum. If you have others, please direct us to them.

And... radio silence.

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Resurrecting a long dead thread.


It took a couple of e-mails, but I finally got a replacement stock. Used the "brail" method to replace the peeling stock as the original comes assembled, and ATI did not send any instructions (like screw sizes/types), but I removed and replaced the old stock.


Almost 3 years and not too many rounds later, the ATI hasn't started peeling. The inability to get a good tight mount is my biggest grip (the grip shakes a bit).


On a side note: looks like ATI stopped making Benelli parts. I was doing some research and jumped on their website to see what new stuff they had. For grins I tried to find Benelli stuff with no luck, so I guess we have one less after market manufacturer to complain about.

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