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Benelli M2 vs Remington 11-87P

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Hi everyone!


For years I have been shooting my M2 with all sorts of loads from 430 grains to 550 grains or more and shells from 2.5" to 3" magnum shells and all kinds of different manufacturers without ever a problem - my M2 eats almost everything but the very lightest of loads.


I recently acquired a brand new Remington 11-87 police and was a bit disappointed at the reliability with the same ammo that works so flawlessly in my M2. There were feeding problems, failures to eject, shells getting stuck in the ejection port, etc,.. Now perhaps gas operated systems are a bit more ammo sensitive or a brand new gun out of the box should be worked in a bit longer? Or perhaps gas systems need to be treated differently with lube......? Does anyone have similar problem and/or some good suggestions how to get the Rem. 11-87 running smoothly?


Thanks !

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