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help getting recoil spring out of new SBE

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If the end of the recoil assembly is SS then no, there is no Loctite and it's just a nylon lock screw. If the end is blued then yes, it has Loctite and will have to be heated. If it is dusty red and cankered with rust, good luck, it should have been done a lot sooner.

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Just picked up the SBE II Performance Shop Waterfowl rig. I had to ratchet up my heat gun to get it off. I don't think I would have been able to without the heat - no leverage and I didn't want to rip off the trigger guard assembly because that's about the only thing to hold on to. haha.

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Yes heat required on old SBE, I tried with bic type lighter, had to go to propane torch and very carefully heated for about 30 seconds. Still tight but with increased torque snapped off and could unscrew. Lots of loctite to remove before reassembly.

Good luck

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