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Which shotgun type for beginner Trap shooter ?

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My friend got me interested in Trap ,so I'm looking to get either a semi or a pump to start out with. My friend suggested maybe a benelli M2 or a super nova field.


What would you guys suggest that's not too expensive?


Thanks for reading my post.

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2 Nov. 16


Trap is a game usually shot with relatively stout 1 1/8 target loads. Recoil can become a factor for some people especially if you shoot several rounds.


Don't get me wrong I love my ID Affinities and Benelli ultra light but ID guns kick more than gas operated guns of a similar weight. Fixed breech guns like pumps and O/Us kick as much or more than ID guns of similar weight.


When I shoot trap, I was a Remington 1100. No one ever accused the 1100 of being light but they are reliable and have low recoil. The new Remington V3 can be had for the same price (or slightly less than) the Affinity and they claim the lowest recoil available in guns of that weight.


I know this is a Benelli site but in this case, I would really recommend a gas gun and the price on that V3 is hard to beat



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