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happy with used R1 in .30-06


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picked up a used R1 in 30-06. After all the grumblings about accuracy, mine is just fine, The seiler & Beloit 180 grain FMJ the best grouping. 1 inch Hornady American white tail 150grain very good as well 2 inch or less Federal Premium 150 grain ballistic tip poor grouping well over 2'' and random. military ball ammo 4+ inch grouping. All done on sand bags.


Recoil is not bad.

using a Cabellas pine ridge scope


may upgrade but not necessary for deer hunting.

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Congrats on a great rifle. I bought mine used in 2008 I think. It was heavily used and beat up. An easy strip down and thorough cleaning, and it is by far the most accurate and reliable rifle I own. With both .300 win mag and .30-06 barrels. The crio treatment on these barrels truly makes for an accurate rifle. I may pick up a.338 barrel, before they become extinct.


Also, I find 180 gr. Hornady Interbond and Federal Fusions to be the most accurate. 165's are not bad, but my short 20" .30-06 barrel does not like 150's.

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