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just goofin off pics

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this is my prototype heat shield,when I had my first M1014,I tried to get one too fit,that was back in 06,my attempt was no go,now ati has a heat shield unit,for $100 or so,I like there unit ,but you have to remove your front sling swivel,,don't care for that,so,here I'am 10 years later but with a different twist.




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Heat shield?


I put ~200 rounds through it as fast as I could and it was maybe a bit warm under a gloved hand... how do you get yours so hot?


You got a detachable box mag conversion??



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What? I ran through a 3-gun stage that had maybe 40 rounds and I got a blister on my hand when I flipped it upside down to load twins. I now use a fingerless leather glove on my left hand when I run the shottie in competition.


If it ain't gettin' hot with 200, you are reloading really slow :)



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